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What To Do Before Meeting With A Funeral Director

Meeting new people can be difficult at the best of times and meeting with a funeral director often happens during a very stressful time - after the death of a loved one. However, you could also meet with a funeral director in order to pre-plan a funeral without the need to rush. These two different types of circumstances require their own special modes of preparation. Before reading on, you should know that if you don’t have the energy to prepare, don’t hesitate to call anyway. Funeral directors know that they’re usually being contacted at a difficult time, so they’re adept at guiding you through the process and letting you know exactly what you need to do, no matter what the situation.

When You're Pre-Planning

Pre-planning is the best way to meet with a funeral director because it means you have ample time for discussion. Unfortunately, many people don’t pre-plan; according to the National Funeral Directors Association, only about 21% of Americans have pre-planned funerals. The number is even lower in Canada, at just 9%.

When you’re pre-planning for someone else, you can have a conversation about what the person wants. This is more than just funeral planning - it’s also a way to deeply connect with your loved ones. This is where the advantages of pre-planning really shine through.

One of the first discussions should be about the practical elements of the funeral. Does the person intend to donate their organs? Do they have a place in particular they’d like to be buried? Do they have any religious requirements for the ceremony? Do they prefer cremation or traditional burial?

Aesthetics are next - what kind of flowers might they like? What kind of music? How would they like to be remembered?

Pre-planning also gives you the chance to set a budget and call around. Don’t hesitate to ask about prices and talk with more than one funeral director. You can use this information to help set a budget because you may not know what the expected costs of funeral arrangements are before you make the calls.

When A Loved One Passes

When a loved one has passed away, there is not a lot of preparation to be done before contacting a funeral director. If you’ve pre-planned, let them know that pre-arrangements have been made and let them know what they are. If you haven’t, they’ll guide you through the process. They’ll invite you to their office and at this point, it’s a good idea to have thought about some of the things we mentioned above.

Here at Transcona Funeral Chapel, we can help you plan a funeral - whether it’s pre-planned or after a recent death. We’re based in Transcona and we plan Transcona funerals; those who want to have their funeral in the neighborhood should give us a call.

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